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is finally out! It's a relaxing puzzle game for Windows.

Buy InFlux!
In InFlux you play as a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an island populated by cubic structures of glass and steel.
Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved.

It's out! You can buy it! It's relatively inexpensive! Buy it on Steam, Humble, GOG or Amazon.

Hit one of these links to buy it from that store:
Buy InFlux on GOG! Buy InFlux on Amazon!
This is currently the Windows version only. The Mac version is being troublesome but you can volunteer to help test it.
More distributors are ON THE WAY.

Here's what it looks like:

You can buy the soundtrack, and your money will go straight to the composer:

Does this have any kind of whack DRM on it?

Hell naw.

What's your stance on piracy, then?

Detailed in our comment on this Pirate Bay torrent for InFlux.
DRM is obviously stupid, so retail software these days pretty much works on the honour system anyway.
We would really appreciate your support. Can't make more games without it.

Is there a demo of InFlux?

There isn't, but if you really want to Try Before You Buy, you can pirate it and then buy it if you enjoyed yourself. Again, honour system.

Who's Impromptu Games?

Impromptu Games is an independent game development company based in Melbourne, Australia but involving people from basically everywhere.
It started in 2008 with a community mod project on the Penny-Arcade forums and continued to get out of hand from there.
Since that mod (Shotgun Sunrise), we’ve shipped a spin-off iOS game, Vroom!, and are now bringin' you InFlux, our first full-fledged PC game.

Will this run on my 486?

No. Here are the game's requirements:

Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8 or OS X for Mac
2.0+ GHz processor
2 GB system RAM
SM3-compatible video card
2 GB Free hard drive space

As above, but with higher numbers

Can I monetize my YouTube videos of InFlux?

Yup, go right ahead.

Is there a Linux version coming?

Not currently. We use UDK, which doesn't do that. If it ever becomes possible we'll probably do it.

What's the deal with Film Victoria?

Film Victoria funded part of the game's development through their Games Investment Programme.
If you're an indie game developer in Victoria, Australia you should look into it.

Help! I need Customer Support!

Email me and I'll help you out.

Impromptu Games Developed with assistance from Film Victoria Australia